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Sic Bo Strategy

In difficult situations, coming up with a new strategy is very hard. In SIC Bo players bet on the role of the dice where the rolling is totally random and therefore cannot be predicted. In a situation like this, creating a new strategy on casino games is nearly impossible which can allow you to win against the house. People try to come up with new strategies when they are under pressure but those strategies cannot really help if the situation is out of control. If you want to win more and enjoy playing Casino Games in Sic Bo you need to choose your bet very carefully

• Small bet: In small bet you will win smaller but consistent amount. Here you will guess the dice total to be between four and ten.
• Big bet: In big bet, you will predict the dice total to be between eleven and seventeen. The payout is 1:1 and so you will win a small amount but you will have better odds.

In Sic Bo, small bet and big bet are the least risky among all the bets you can make. These strategies may not sound like fun but the fact is it you will have more fun when you win most of the bets you make. Small and big bets will increase your chances to win and bonus . So if you want to win more, choose these bets over eight other choices.

Single bet is helpful to get more amount than the average winnings. A single bet will allow you to win bigger payouts but it will decrease the chances of your winning on Online gaming. To get higher payouts you can make a specific bet where you have to predict the total of the dices. Here, the probability of winning is a lot lower than small and big bet. So to win in the Sic Bo you should carefully choose your strategy.